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Saturday was the Boston Pride Parade.  I am on the whole unimpressed by the photos I took, but they're up on facebook and flickr.

Sunday was my parents' 29th wedding anniversary.

Today was Greg's last day at the office.  We had the usual Finale -- and I was proud of myself for the fact that the Strawberry Bavarian was as perfect when we opened it at the office as it was when I picked it up at Finale (I walked back, carefully, because the last party -- when someone else had brought the cake -- it was kinda spilled). 

I overheard Kathleen talking about how her husband's now-deceased dog used to bite and their cat bites -- "We think it's us."
Greg: "Does [your daughter] bite?"
Kathleen: "No."
Greg: "Then it's not you."

Last night I got an email from MYP saying Hey, you opened up a subscription back in July 2008 and you've never been in to pick up your comics.  /o\  I never got an confirmation or notification or anything, so I just assumed the form got lost, and I never followed up (I moved that summer, and went to Italy, and comics have never been my preferred medium, and yeah).  Ironically, the reason I'd gotten a subscription was that I was reading titles Joss was writing, so nothing came out in a timely fashion, so my idea was that this way I wouldn't have to keep track of when new issues came out 'cause I'd get a notice.  Apparently not so much.

So now I have 33 new-to me comics (Buffy Season 8 and Astonishing X-Men) and wow do I wish they had numbers on the front -- way to make me wish I were just reading the TP's, guys :(  I'm also seriously considering not reading them --- because I have mostly-fond memories and if these suck I can't unread them.

I've seen a fruit smoothie stand at Harvard T a few times recently -- over by the busway, rather than its previous location (I imagine because its previous location now has that T office thing -- which I never see occupied at all) -- and after work today I splurged and bought one.  I told the vendor I was pleased to see them back, and he said the previous boss had closed the business two years ago but now there's a new boss, same product.  There's way less variety offered (there's a bunch of two-flavor combos -- e.g., strawberry-banana -- with either a milk or orange juice base, and that's it), but I didn't say that, nor did I ask if that would change as we got further into the season.  Yeah, I was reminded of just how socially outgoing I'm not.
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