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impromptu worship leader

I got to CWM about quarter of five tonight, before almost anyone else (Sean was running late), so I helped set up.  I should have been more vocal/proactive in volunteering information to people so that more setup got done more quickly and more efficiently, but whatever.  Yeah, I dunno where my usual high-strung-ness about this sort of thing is.  Multiple times tonight I thought of a friend's recent comment about how much she loves her anti-anxiety meds -- because things that would normally be really stressful are so much less so, and yes there is an element of wondering whether she's too relaxed about some stuff, but it's totally worth it.

Last week, Nizzi had asked me to do the Welcome and Announcements at church tonight.  Looking at the bulletin before service, I noted that the responsive Call to Worship immediately follows that, so I asked her if she wanted me to lead that as well and she said sure.

So Samuel sang a solo for the Prelude, I did the Welcome, Announcements, and Call to Worship -- and introed the hymn that followed.  Annie did the Opening Prayer, Tyler read the first Scripture Lesson, Samuel did a solo for the Special Music, I read the second Scripture lesson, Sean did the Reflection, Tallessyn did Prayers of the People (I don't think she's ever done it before, but Nizzi had invited her to to do it, and I think she did a lovely job -- and told her so after worship).  And next was the Offering, so I got up and led that -- and Passing of the Peace afterward.  Annie and Linda did Communion.  I led us in the unison Closing Prayer.  Tallessyn led us in the Closing Hymn.  We had a litany of Saying Farewell -- which Annie led, since she's the one who had put it in.  And then Nizzi had us stand in a circle and hold hands and she did the Benediction.

During Prayers of the People, Nizzi mentioned that she had asked the laity to lead worship tonight -- that she wanted to step back and affirm our gifts.  Linda said that as a pastor she knows how selfish she can be about leading worship, so she wanted to really affirm Nizzi stepping back like that.

After worship, Tallessyn praised me for my worship leading.  I told her I felt like I was totally improvising.  She said I was clearly a natural.

We couldn't find any soap for the dishwasher, so Samuel (bless him) went to the Harvard Square CVS (because sometimes we are the same person).
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