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letters from a marxist buddhist ("Tell all my friends I say hi.")

So, after not seeing Michael at the English Dept. reception at Reunion, I emailed him. He replied this afternoon, saying in part:
sorry to have missed you. i was away during reunion weekend so couldn't have caught up then anyway. it's good, tho, to hear that you're thriving, preaching, searching, and all such good things.
I was all asquee.


Nancy stopped by this afternoon. (She was one of my favorite HBS profs when I started in this department but is now at MIT -- apparently she was on campus doing an interview.)

She asked what I was up to. Laughingly I said something like, "Running the department." Somberly, she said something like, "That's been quite a job this past year, I understand," and my mind flashed back to last summer and I nodded.

As for what I do outside of this office, I said I've become this person who does church in her free time.
Nancy (kindly and nonjudgmentally): "Do you like being that person?"
I said yes.
She asked for examples and I started off by saying leading worship and then I said writing sermons -- and that I'd gotten to preach a few times, which I was made incredibly nervous by but that it's been good.

She looked really happy listening to me and joked "second career?" and I said people keep asking me if I'm going to seminary or whatever and that for right now at least I'm really happy having this 9-5 job which I'm good at and which pays my bills and doing this other stuff in my free time, especially since right now at least I'm very certain that I'm not called to ordained ministry. She said that was really good, to know that about yourself, for your own happiness.

Then I talked about how my best friend and I had been lamenting the lack of good books on mental illness from a Christian perspective and my non-Christian therapist housemate had said, "Wanna write a book together?" and that I'm not sure how serious any of us are about this, but I've been emailing back and forth with my best friend and hey, summer project.

She said I "inspired" her. (I did not say, "You're on the faculty at MIT!" Okay, she's an "MIT Affiliate" -- whatever.)

Oh, and I also got a hug both at the hello and at the goodbye. ♥


I encountered Paul B. (from CHPC) waiting for the T at Harvard after work yesterday.

He asked what I was up to and I said church (because that is always my immediate answer) and he asked about CWM's move and so I talked a little about that and I talked a little about Rest and Bread and then I talked about Art Night (and thought, "Hey, I have something that I do in my free time that's not church and that's easy to talk to people about").

He said, "We miss you." Which was sweet. And I don't much fault people for not staying in touch -- esp. since I still owe Liz C. and Jaja email replies from two months ago.
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