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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Yup, Church is still What I Do.

I got 10 hours of sleep Friday night and Saturday night each, which rocked.

Saturday I got up the same time I do every workday morning and for ~6.5 hours helped CWM move out of CAUMC and move into H-E -- including a preliminary unpacking/sorting.

Today, Nancy Taylor guest-preached at FCS.  Her sermon was titled "Dearly Beloved" and was on John 2:1-11.  Which is neither the lectionary nor the An Altar in the World sermon series (today would have been "Reverence: The Practice of Paying Attention").  I was unimpressed.  At Coffee Hour, Ian mentioned that it was a sermon he really needed to hear, and I said I think I'm feeling really done with sermons about managing crisis situations, and so I was glad that people it needed to speak to liked it.

(I will say that I cried when she said that one of the ministers at Old South -- who was pregnant with Jonah when Molly was pregnant with Carmen -- would be inviting their congregation to turn toward Somerville and extend their hands and bless us.)

I stayed for the Emergency Congregational Meeting after service.  Ian had seen me before service and asked if I was staying for the meeting and said he thought that, as someone who has a lot of experience with different church polities, I would really enjoy it ♥

Oh, before service I was chatting with Julie (who stepped up to be a Greeter) and she said that she thought it was so kind what I said to Emily at the Process Theology session last week -- when Emily was like, "I didn't understand half the words you just said" (we went around the room and said a little about the influences on our theology) and I replied something like, "Well it's probably just that I've read some theology that maybe you haven't read yet."  I thanked Julie -- especially, I said, because being kind is not always one of my strengths.

This Thursday we finish up Esther in Thursday morning prayer, and I had said I wanted to pick back up in Exodus, so this afternoon I sat down and created a "lectionary" for Exodus, plus continuing on in Acts as we have been, for the remainder of Ordinary Time -- in large part because I have to leave something for when I'm away in Kansas, so that's as good an impetus as any to get out of my habit of deciding where to break the text Wednesday night for a Thursday morning service.  (Though it just now occurred to me that I picked up after the last Exodus reading in the lectionary we were using in Lent, not noticing that that was a Saturday so "we" never read it.  Sigh.  The "lectionary" I have crafted ends nicely, so I may just leave it.)

I got to CWM an hour early today for Finance Committee meeting.  Which went well.

Lisa's away July 18 and 25.  Apparently like half our church leadership is away the 25th.  I offered to preach.  (Lisa expressed surprise in a way that made me think, "No one's told you that I had a period of writing weekly sermons in my free time, have they?")  No, I haven't looked at the lectionary yet.

While we were setting up for service, Lisa asked Annie if she would help lead worship, and apologized for the short notice.  I said that for future, if she (Lisa) needs help with anything...  And so she asked me if I would help lead worship next Sunday.  (Annie also asked me to do the Scripture reading for tonight -- or possibly assumed I was doing it, since the printout was on the floor near my chair, but whichever, I was happy to do it.)

I've been feeling mentally fatigued in recent weeks, which I am primarily blaming on the heat, and it's been frustrating to me that I haven't felt up to doing various things I want to do, so it's been nice to not have that be perpetual.
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