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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"When Language Runs Dry"

This morning, Nanette Savides preached on Chapter 10 of An Altar in the World ("Breakthrough: The Practice of Feeling Pain") and this Sunday's Gospel passage (Luke 12:49-56).

She talked about pain and embodiment in ways that reminded me of stuff I have been reading about disability (e.g., Deborah Beth Creamer's Disability and Christian Theology, I think -- edit: and the stuff about how we sometimes don't have words for the pain reminded me of Rachel's Cry).

Part of me wanted to take enough notes to be able to reconstruct the entire sermon, but I didn't.

The notes I did take:
* "We are gifted by the fact that our tradition acknowledges pain and suffering."
* "Bodies matter.  Every body matters."
* Honoring the Body: Meditations on a Christian Practice by Stephanie Paulsell
* re: the end of the Scripture text -- sometimes it is not that we can't interpret the signs, but that we are too afraid to name painful truths

I cried during Prayers of the People.  Apparently I was feeling more fragile than I entirely realized.

I was sitting with James A., and when we were catching up before service he said he's been praying a lot, and I said that's good, keeps you grounded.  I would like to cultivate a practice of setting aside more time for prayer myself.  I'm torn between utilizing the ~chapel during my lunch hour versus the fact that it would be nice to get to sit and have a relaxing lunch (instead of eating at my desk).  Plus there's the issue of wanting to enjoy the nice weather -- when we have it.  Maybe on days I know I'm gonna eat at my desk anyway I'll spend my lunch hour in the chapel?

James also asked me if I'm still going to other churches -- and if I feel more focused now that I'm not going to so many churches.  I didn't feel fragmented being involved in multiple communities -- and I think it's a strength more than anything -- though I do appreciate the fact that the people I see on Sunday mornings I also have seen during other parts of the week.
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