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"My heart will choose to say..."

I had an entry drafted griping about the salad bar continuing to be faily and about the kettlebells clinic I went to at Shad today (which I will write up for [community profile] lifting_heavy_things as [personal profile] rydra_wong asked me to -- which is gonna require converting my OpenID to an actual DW account, huh?), and I just wrote Ari an email about my neuroses about something unrelated, but here's something happier.

At Coffee Hour on Sunday, Elizabeth F. was like, "Oh, there's this women preachers thing that Rae was talking about -- you should ask her about it."  So I did and Rae said that she'd gotten an email about it and was like, "I have to tell Elizabeth [my surname] about this."  \o/

Anyway, she finally forwarded me the email this evening.
Hello Sisters!

I hope you are all enjoying this glorious (and broiling) Summer season. I'm writing to let you know that Hosanna! People's Seminary (H!PS)* will be hosting a school year-long Dispersed Communities Uniting Summit inviting young women theologians (that's you!) to study and preach the Gospel of Luke or, The Women's Gospel. The course will be held monthly through video conference and at each session one participant will present a sermon-in-process** to the group after which will follow raucous and brilliant discussion. Shew! That's a lot to get done in about an hour a month! Now if only women ruled the world...

I hope you'll join us! Drop a line if you'd like to know more about this course and check out the website,www.hosannapeoplesseminary.org to learn more about Hosanna! People's Seminary and past and future programing.

Be Blessed,

*For those who have not heard me speak of it before, H!PS is a community resource I started organizing last fall. Check it out at

**The purpose of the seminar is for women to build experience as preachers in community. Some might present fully developed sermons while others might share a looser set of thoughts, reflections, songs, poems, or prayers on the text.
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