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art at home (v. Rosh Hashanah sermon)

(drawn while working on my Rosh Hashanah/Pentecost+15C sermon. posting delayed because I'd left my camera cable at work)

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art at home 5.1 [Saturday, September 4, 2010] art at home 5.1 [Saturday, September 4, 2010]

The tower was me thinking about the Luke lectionary passage [Luke 14:25-33].
The stained glass window was me thinking about Leonard Cohen's "there is a crack in everything / that's how the light gets in."
The burning bush in the middle doesn't consciously have anything to do with the sermon I was writing.

art at home 5.2 [Saturday, September 4, 2010] art at home 5.2 [Saturday, September 4, 2010]

the gates of repentance
term thanks to AmyFox
imagery inspired by StarGate, apparently

art at home 5.3 [Saturday, September 4, 2010] art at home 5.3 [Saturday, September 4, 2010]

the river of blood from the ten plagues
I was going to draw Pharaoh's palace off in the distance, but then I realized I had no idea what Egyptian architecture looked like, and I didn't want to just do pyramids, so I started drawing the generic block+pointed roof, and they got sloppy, so I decided they were common people houses and decided to make them Jewish Israelite Hebrew houses, so I could have the blood on the lintel around the death of the firstborn (the green evokes the pestilence plagues). The gold block in the upper lefthand corner is intended to represent Pharaoh's palace, though.

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