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Erev Yom Kippur

I got a brief Scott-hug in passing on Tuesday of this week, but yesterday was the first time I really saw him since Wednesday morning of last week. One of the first things he said to me yesterday was to ask how my year had been thus far. It only took me a moment to parse, but I was still amused that despite having written a sermon about the fact that Rosh Hashanah not Yom Kippur is the Jewish New Year, I still haven't internalized that.


Just now, Kita made a post that really resonated with me, so I'm quoting much of it here (largely to remind myself to try to live into this):
"May all the people of Israel be forgiven, including all the strangers who live in their midst, for all the people are in fault."

This year:

I am sorry for not being the person you thought I was.
I am sorry for being exactly the person you thought I was.
I am sorry for not being able to commit the way you needed me to.
I am sorry for not being able to fix things for you.
I am sorry for trying to fix things for you, when they were not my responsibility to fix.
I am sorry for letting you down.
I am sorry for expecting too much from you.
I am sorry for being unable to listen to your perspective with an open mind.
I am sorry for being unwilling to consider where you might have been coming from.
I am sorry that I can't forgive you yet.
I am sorry for not treating you with more kindness.
I am sorry for not treating myself with more kindness.


I forgive you for not being the person I wanted you to be.
I forgive you for your inability to give me what I needed.
I forgive you for making it all about you.
I forgive you for disappointing me, for angering me, for making me sad.
I forgive you for not being able to empathize with my perspective.
I forgive you for not treating me with more kindness.
I forgive myself for needing more time to let go of past hurts.


If there is anyone I have hurt, with words or deeds, this past year, I am truly sorry, and I ask for your forgiveness. You are not obligated to forgive me, but I sincerely hope you will think about it. If there is anything you would like to discuss related to this, [my edit: I refer you to my Rosh Hashanah post this year, where comments are screened, or you can of course private message me]. I promise to be as respectful and considerate as you are.
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