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So, Ari and I kind of brainstormed about my Reflection for Wednesday.  This included a visit to TextWeek.com (actually to check if the pericope that follows that one ever ends up in the lectionary), where I saw Celebration of Biblical Preaching; Luther Seminary; Oct 4-6, 2010 on their "This Week's Sponsors" top bar.

What talked me out of going was the fact that the two and a half days only include about four hours of biblical preaching workshops.

It's funny, one of the reasons I've dithered about going to CWAC and TBC is that I'm neurotic about missing workdays (and church, though probably less so these days), but I was totally unfazed by the fact that the Biblical Preaching was Monday through Wednesday (which are the days my faculty teaches, as opposed to the Fridays I would be taking off for CWAC and TBC).  Yeah, I can just hear Tiffany saying, "You might be resisting a Call -- I'm just saying."  I, of course, would frame this as, "Interest areas, I has them."  Though it is trufax that part of why I wasn't even really thinking about things like the implications around work when I was looking at the Biblical Preaching thing was that it felt like, "This is what I do" -- that there's stuff that sounds potentially interesting but I feel like I have to justify the level of importance to the tradeoffs, whereas this just felt like "of course" ... er, I am not articulating this well.  Anyway.


Work continues to be busy, but not excessively stressful, and I continue to feel pretty good, but I am preserving these for posterity :)

Friday, carlamlee included me in her "Follow Friday: Blogs You Should Read" post.

Today, ladyvivien said, "I love it when people on my flist talk about their jobs. It's something that's such an integral part of our lives but few of us post about (hermionesviolin is a notable exception, just reading her posts make me feel productive)."

Also today, Ian, in an email reply said: "yes yes you sent it to me already, ms. elephant who never forgets anything"
(He asked me to send him something, and I knew I'd sent it to him on Friday, but hey sometimes I misunderstand him, so I forwarded him that email I'd sent on Friday, changing the Subject line to, "is this the doc you mean?" -- okay okay, my motives were not entirely pure, shuddup; one of our longest histories is that I do thisAlso, I now I keep thinking of Horton Hatches the Egg.)
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