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Before service tonight, Ian H. asked me, "Elizabeth, have you considered," and I was certain that sentence was going to end with "seminary" or "ordained ministry," because it always does, but instead it ended, "becoming an Associate Member here?"  It would recognize that my primary affiliation is with another church, but it would also ritualize the fact that I am choosing to journey in faith with this community.

It makes a lot of sense, though commitment-phobic [when it comes to institutions, anyway] me immediately thought, "I'm not even an official member of the church that is my home."  I asked the polity question of what this would mean in terms of my having a vote and also in terms of my being able to serve on committees.  (I almost caveated that I knew that sounded like I wanted to be on those things, but my asking was largely prompted by wanting to know how much obligation I would be incurring the potential for.  But we all know I like to get to Have My Way, so getting to be on committees is in fact totally appealling.)  He said I wouldn't get to vote, but he'd have to check the by-laws about committee membership.

So we can add Church Membership to the list of things I am broadly clumping under "vocational discernment."

Talking about the Fall Holy Days that are really resonant for her (Fall Equinox/Mabon and Sukkot), Magpie Girl summarized their themes as:
* Abundance – celebrating the abundance of the Fall harvest
* Awareness – of what is ripening in your own life this season.
* Gratitude – for provision and sustenance.
Ian H. is preaching this coming Sunday (I think on this past Sunday's Jeremiah text) on "Change Sucks!"


I showed up at Rest and Bread feeling tired, hungry, and ill-prepared.  Service went well, though -- and there were actually more than 4 of us.  I extemporized the second half of my Reflection, and I wasn't always entirely sure people were with me, but I got compliments/thanks later.  And I blanked twice during other parts of the service, but no one minds.

Yes, once I finish my yogurt I am so falling into bed.
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