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So, Magpie Girl used to do monthly dreamboards -- and at some point she posted about the option of doing them at the time of the full(? new?) moon if that works better for you [I cannot now find the post edit: Full Moon /edit] -- and I've done dreamboards in my head before (vaguely meaning to corporealize them, but also not being able to find the images I wanted on the Internet and thus knowing that I wouldn't able to make them look on paper like they looked in my head) but in my discernal (I really want there to be an extra syllable in there -- discernenal -- for the cadence) stewing this week, I decided it would be a good idea for me to actually make one, like on paper.

So when I went to do art tonight, that's the first thing I did.  I've printed out assorted pages of Google Image search results on the color printer at work this week, and today I printed out some full-size images for "harvest" -- pumpkins and other squashes.  I bought construction paper at CVS on the way home tonight, and I put two of the images on a piece of orange construction paper, with the handwritten text:
the One who began a good work in you
will be faithful to complete it

And apparently that was all I needed to do.  On a white piece of paper, I did a quick sketch of a sukkah with autumn leaves inside, but I felt like really I wanted to go and do other stuff -- even though for some days now I've had a number of different art pieces bubbling in my head.  So I've backburnered those until I feel like I need to do them.

My netbook keyboard is totally busted (yeah, I should really look into getting that fixed, like before I go to KC), and my digital camera doesn't talk to my 9-year-old computer, so no photos for you until I'm back at the office.

[Edit: Link to photos. /edit]
Tags: holidays: jewish, magpie girl, seasons: autumn, self: art, technology trouble

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