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So, as promised, I spent most of yesterday in Norwood helping clean out my grandma's old apartment.

I fully intended to not bring ANYTHING home, but there did end up being some stuff that was appealing.  Most useful thing: clip-on nametag holder; I broke my FCS one a couple Sundays ago and haven't asked Jamie for a replacement one.
Also useful: unopened package of light purple taper candles.  &Advent;  (Last year, Tiffany went to the Christmas Tree Shop -- with baby in tow -- like a week before Advent ... so we ended up with cranberry-colored candles or something ... dark enough that it wasn't super-noticeable, but also definitely not clearly purple or blue.)
I also took some religion books (this is your surprised face, right?) and a few random things (like a rainbow necklace, which I kind of want to keep, but which I feel like I should give to Ari, because I wear my Pride & Joy one all the time).
There are some heirlooms, and the explanatory notes (my mom: "She knew that one day... well, she thought she'd drop dead, but..") are trufax sweet, but yeah, they do not need to live at my house right now.

I feel like I sat down a bunch throughout the day, but my legs were really tired when I came home.

Tracy said it made her want to go home and throw lots of stuff out.
When I was getting ready to leave, Miles asked me if I was going to go home and throw lots of stuff out.  I said, "No, I'm going to talk to my best friend, eat dinner, and go to bed -- and I'm okay with that."
But I ended up actually buying groceries, washing dishes, and doing a bunch of decluttering (moving various things that were cluttering up my bedroom to where they better belonged -- bookshelf, closet, trash, recycling), and sweeping the kitchen floor a bit.  Most of which was already on my To Do list.
Possibly I should have gone to be early(er) instead, as I was tired today (and accomplished basically nothing this afternoon between churches).

I was so pleased when I clicked "Update Data" on my open weather.com tab last night and saw the Predicted High for today was 68F.  It hasn't been painfully hot, but it's definitely been warmer than I think is appropriate for late September.  (I swear it was significantly cooler when I left morning church around 12:30 this afternoon than when I left my house around 9:30 this morning to go to church.)

Apparently I'm a Sweeny -- because I'm aggressive, rather than passive-aggressive (which is how the Whites are).  I said I trufax am confrontation-avoidant a lot, but I do try not to be passive-aggressive, and I'm not pathologically confrontation-avoidant.

Tracy told a story of her dad injuring his knee recently and he's on blood thinner and stuff, so they took him to the hospital just to be on the safe side, and he looked so small and vulnerable in the hospital bed, and she had an obligation she needed to attend to she had to leave and when she was leaving she was all, "I love you, Dad," and he said, "I love you, too, but let's not make a big deal about this."

I came home last night to a reply email from Grandma K: "Your life does seem to be going along just the way you'd like it to be -- and that's certainly something to be proud and happy about.  [...]  So carry on all your good work -- HBS, your churches, and whatever else."
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