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I got bonus surprise Scott today, albeit briefly.  He was sadface to learn that I wouldn't be around this afternoon.  I teased him about calendar-keeping.  And got to be the bearer of the exciting news that GoogleCalendar recently improved the Recurrence feature.

I can't sit in on class tomorrow because they don't have any extra seats, but it'll be recorded.

He was going to invite me to Simchat Torah except I have Art Night class.  I told Roza tonight: "I'm going to be a lot more Jewish by the end of this year, aren't I?"


Event went well.  Julia likened me to an "angel" at one point.  I'll have to watch the video of the panel discussions at some point as I had to be in and out a bunch.


Before Sacred Eros tonight, Desmond said of me: "She's a writer; she takes words seriously."  A. asked me what I write.  I finally turned to Roza and asked her, "What do I write?"  She answered, "You write sermons," in a sort of "among other things" tone, and I said, "Thank you, that is in fact what I was looking for."  (I had discarded blogging as not the answer I was looking for, since I don't feel sufficiently like that's a What I Do; and porn fanfic, since I really don't do that anymore; and I was literally blanking.)

One of the things we ended up talking about was "radical hospitality," and people used various story-images to express how they understood that concept; I forgot how powerful that is.  At some other point someone said something about the tension of using Bible stories in a UU service, of are those stories going to be resonant for people who don't come from that tradition, and my immediate (unspoken) response was, "They had better be or else Christianity isn't worth much" -- by which I mean that the stories that make up the Story of our faith should be powerful, resonant stories that speak to people.

Edit: At some other point during Sacred Eros, I cited a bit from the "Happiness" sermon Molly recently reposted (though I was recalling it from memory -- my netbook's busted, recall -- so I talked about not being happy with "the way things are" from more of an externally-directed perspective, which I think is a little unfortunate because "Frankly, I think God wants us to grow" is a great idea):
“Frankly, I think God wants us to grow and for me, growth comes from conflict. And I am never happy with conflict. I guess underlying conflict is change—and if I were happy with the way things are in the world, I wouldn’t want to change them. Of course, if I follow my own logic, then I am probably not happy with change either.”
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