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Luke and Us (1)

Hosanna! Preaching Seminary's "Luke and Us" program had its first conference call tonight.

I was joining by phone only, but most everyone else was also joining via webcam chat.  The following conversation ensued at one point:
"I look so huge."
"That's just to yourself, probably."
"That's so meta!"
" [...] and that might make you smaller to yourself."

We did intros, and one woman talked about the background noise where she was -- "Which isn't the ideal setting, but I guess you preach where the world is."
And, having been recently diagnosed with celiac disease, she said, "literally being fed is difficult for me."

During the intros, I found myself pulling out my pad of drawing paper and the colored pencils I had bought last time I was at CVS, because people were talking about the story of the woman with the flow of blood and I felt compelled to sketch about that.  (Inorite?)  [Edit: Link to photos. /edit]

The woman who preached tonight said that preaching is "an encounter with the Holy Spirit in which our words become the Word" -- which idea she apparently got from some guy, whose name I failed to write down.
She lifted up example after example of women being the first (and the last) to recognize Jesus, and to love him.
Tags: h!ps, self: art, son of a preacher man

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