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[church] thing I am excited about; thing I am undecided about

thing I am excited about:
Subject: Interested in creating your own rule of life?

Hi there,

Coming out of our most recent re/New, where we talked about the rule of life as a spiritual practice, this is an invitation to consider engaging this practice.

Here's a quick refresher, a nice quote about rules of life from the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas (okay, random-ish source, but stay with me here):
Creating a Rule of Life means becoming aware of how we are spending our time each day, and of how we might spend it better. Becoming aware of the "gap" between those two creates momentum for change. [...] And "practice" is the operative word. A Rule of Life is not meant to be a demanding test or a stressful exercise. Instead, the daily repetition of simple practices that focus our hearts on God does far more to nurture deep, meaningful spiritual growth than the occasional mountain-top experience. Just as important, a Rule of Life is not meant as a private practice. Even if the Rule is an individual one, it is lived out in community with others, and it is through reflection with others that we discern our growth.

We're forming a covenant group that will meet once a month. We'll create our individual covenants in community, and provide each other with support and accountability as we live these covenants. The main hope of this group is individual spiritual growth through intentional, committed practice and group reflection.

We'll meet at church one Wednesday a month at 7:30 PM.

Think it over, pray it over, consult your calendar. If you're interested in joining, then please reply to this email and let me know by Wednesday, October 6.

-- Jess

thing I am undecided about:
Dear Cambridge Welcoming,

This weekend Rev. Eddie Fox, the United Methodist World Director for Evangelism and a direct opposer to full inclusion in the United Methodist Church, will be speaking at two Massachusetts churches this weekend. For more details, please read the UMCatalyst notice about Rev. Eddie Fox's to Plymouth UMC on Saturday, October 2nd, and subsequent visit to Westborough UMC on Sunday, October 3rd.

CWM will be joining in worshiping at Westborough UMC on this coming Sunday, October 3rd, as we seek to be an example of evangelism for everyone. All will be welcome to commune with us. If you are interested in attending, please gather at Harvard-Epworth at 2:15 pm for a 2:30 pm departure, service will begin at 4:00 pm. Please respond to this e-mail A.S.A.P. if you are planning on joining us at Westborough, and indicate if you will need transportation or if you will be willing to help transport others.

There will be still be communal gathering at our normal meeting place of Havard-Epworth at 5:00 pm in lieu of a full service.
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