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wisdom from Pr. Lisa

assertive vs. aggressive


We had various good conversations, and I thought I had another takeaway thought for LJ, but I can't think of it at the moment. Oh, I remember what it was. We were talking about the term "queer," especially in relation to CWM, and I mentioned kink and poly, and she mentioned that she has a hard time with poly (more in a "I need to work on understanding this better" way than in a "it's bad" way) -- and so now I want Arisia (or TBC) to do a panel on Polyamory and Christianity. (I went to a Kink & Spirituality panel at Arisia 2010, but I want something that's more focused on the specifics of Christianity, rather than "spirituality" -- and actually I'd be okay with a multi-faith panel, I just want a conversation about you reconcile polyamory with inherited traditions/texts that have actual constraints, rather than a more broad conversation about the interaction of one's personal sexuality with one's personal spirituality. And okay, fine, maybe Arisia isn't the best place for that, since it's really not an organized religion conference ... but I'm not sure there are any organized religion conferences that are ready/able to have real conversations about non-"normative" sexuality outside of the alphabet soup.)


Bonus surprise butternut squash ravioli! (I was in the mood for pasta, and I requested the ravioli, as I usually do, and didn't realize which kind they had until I actually went to eat. I also got bonus surprise tofu; they don't usually have tofu as a protein option on the pasta bar, but they did today.)
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