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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

4:48:34 ... srsly?

This is why we are bffs.  DTR followed by research into perpetual virginity of Mary Mother of Jesus, leading to assorted AUs, also involving Thomas the Twin (largely thanks to Prof. Koester's class last night).  "Kate.  Short for Bob."

References from the evening:
* Oh Ephraem of Syria No
* "creative nonfiction"
* "sex on the Sabbath is a double mitzvah" (see also, Kita)
* dragon IN LUV

Edit: Bracketing my evening:

Before phonecall, Melissa said, "You'll appreciate that Echo Bazaar just had the phrase 'All shall be well; all manner of things shall be well' -- though I'm not sure how all will be well, since I just killed seven people."
me: "God's grace is sufficient?"

After phonecall, I got called in as resident Biblical scholar to settle a pomegranate vs. fig forbidden fruit question (I said I had primarily heard pomegranate -- Wikipedia indicates there is no consensus and many other options besides).  Melissa informed me that Jewish tradition says pomegranates have 613 seeds.  [613 always makes me think of this blogpost.]
Tags: fanfic: ideas, links, partners in crime, religion, religion: christianity, religion: judaism, weird middle eastern crucifixion cult

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