Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"because it is bitter -- and because it is my heart"

I was going to take a staycation after last spring semester and then I never did -- for reasons which seemed like totally good reasons at the time, though I can't remember what they were now. Cate said tonight that I should really take some vacation before it gets to after-spring-semester again. I suspect she is right.

I am also thinking about Advent, and feeling glad that I will have morning prayer every weekday morning (even though that also means I will need to be more conscientious about getting to bed every night at a time such that I can still get eight hours of sleep), and wondering what a good Advent discipline for myself would be.


At Midway Studios tonight, there was a handwritten sign on the vending machine: "DRINKS ARE WARM; CHANGE IS VARIABLE" (I didn't have my camera with me and wasn't committed enough to take a picture with my camera phone. /typo correction)

thefourthvine posted her Yuletide letter. It includes the "Son of a Preacher Man" song -- which I was immediately excited about, but she talks about writing m/m fic about it, to which my immediate reaction was to feel like boys are boring, plus I use this song to tag my own preaching-related posts, so I think I really want a female involved in it, which then got me thinking of Queer Soup's "Home" [see tag].
Tags: fanfic: ideas, plays: queer soup: home

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