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I thought I had a third item, but maybe not.

Elizabeth F. did the Stewardship Moment at FCS this morning. She said she had been coming to FCS off and on since 2007. She said that on March 30, 2008, she walked into church and was handed rainbow sunglasses and a lei. She said that it was the anniversary of FCS becoming an Open & Affirming church. Laura Ruth preached. Elizabeth F. that Laura Ruth asked all those who had come to FCS because of it being O&A, or if you feel that you have benefited personally and/or spiritually from it being O&A, to stand -- and about 50% of the congregation stood. She said that Laura Ruth asked anyone present who was GLBT and wanted to out themselves to stand. Elizabeth F. said that at that point she wasn't out in any context of her life, but that she stood anyway -- and she looked around, and about 20% of the congregation was standing. She said that Laura Ruth asked anyone who loved someone who was GLBT to stand -- and that everyone stood.

Yeah, I cried.


FCS this morning had a service of healing. And at the point when the space was open for folks to come forward and receive a blessing and -- if they wished -- an anointing of oil, I assumed people would go forward as we do for Communion, but no one got up. *I* wanted a blessing and anointing, so I got up and went forward -- though I felt a little bit offensive because I went across the front to Laura T. because I was still feeling resentful at Ian H. from Rest and Bread last week.

But at the receiving line after service, Ian H. unprompted and enthusiastically thanked me for being the first to go forward -- called me "a worship leader's dream."
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