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After dinner tonight, Rob was talking to Julia about ANTS, incl. whether she took many classes at other BTI schools. She said no and mentioned various reasons, one of which was that for some classes -- like pastoral care.

me: "Who teaches pastoral care?"
Julia: "Leanne."
Rob (to me): "BU this fall?"
me: "I'm flipping you off in my head."
Rob: "Come on, I've got to have someone to come with me."
me: "I almost stopped myself from asking the question, because I maintain that I'm not Called to ordained ministry, so why am I even asking about pastoral care classes?"

Julia pointed out that a lot of it would be relevant in various arenas, which I know.


Rob is also talking about teaching Basic Lay Speaking at CWM -- 2hrs/night after worship for 5 weeks, instead of the 2 Saturdays that is the way MBH usually does it (and hey, the next round is likely to be in Quincy -- which MBTA.com says is a short walk from Wollaston, so that's way better than it could be).


I also have to decide if I want to go to the UMC holiday party (which is followed by the HGLC holiday party that evening, and I think is the same day as the UCN church fair).


Edit: And I forgot to mention, apparently RMN is doing YouTube videos for next summer's Convo -- whose theme is "Sing a New Song" -- and some folks have put pressure on CWM to step up and do one. I'm unclear on the exact lead up to this train of thought, but Sean imagined us doing "Getting to Know You" (The King and I), very proper and demure and all, and Samuel stepping out and interjecting stuff like, "And pointing out your racism!" and then me adding, "And fixing it!" ♥
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