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Everyone’s too busy being productive and studious (or pretending to at least) to update their LJs.

An audiogalaxy search for "Massachusetts" gets 422 matches. A search for "Elizabeth" gets 1705. I told Joe
I think i should make a "Massachusetts" song collection. Right after i make my "Elizabeth" song collection.

He said that would be awesome and you rock so much.

I have come to terms with the fact that i may never get to meet the mythical best friend Julie because really we’re dopplegangers. (Joe said we’re like Superman and Clark Kent, never in the same place at the same time -- she’s from Wilbraham, which is right near Northampton, but goes to school up in New Hampshire with him.)

and every pop song on the radio
is suddenly speaking to me
i used to be a superhero
no one could touch me
not even myself
you are like a phone booth
that i somehow stumbled into
and now look at me
i am just like everybody else
-from “superhero” by Ani DiFranco

What’s that quote about how you really love someone when you just want that person to be happy, even if it means being with someone who isn’t you?

So my boy is happy. Giddy even.

"Does he do this a lot?"
"Sure, every day the earth rotates backward and the skies turn orange."

(Yes, i blatantly rip off Buffy. I credit, though. That dialogue is from “Where the Wild Things Are.”)

Eugene Volokh wrote:
THE STUNNING (well, nonexistent) SUCCESS of "millipundit" leads me to make another suggestion: Stalkers should seek greater acceptance of their conditions by describing themselves as having Attention Surplus Disorder.

Thanks to my dad for sending me that. It’s a phrase which i think i’m going to adopt.

I want a “British hello-saying man.” (Thanks to Joan and the "SIKO de Mayo" thing.)

Reading livejournals and seeing the lock icon makes me happy because it means that i am considered cool enough to read these people’s “friends-only” entries.

Aly is making a collage of pictures of all her friends. She saw the icon i cropped from my senior picture and said:
omgosh! you*re adorable! can i snuggle you?

My reply:
:) Aw, thanks. I'm usually less than thrilled about looking so young (i am 18 afterall) but i could get used to this "You're adorable! Can i snuggle you?" thing.

I learned last night that petty high school shit is only refreshing when it involves all people i know, when hearing about it is like falling back into a comfort zone. Petty shit in general just gets on my nerves.

Hearing people talk about the Smith financial aid office’s incredible lack of helpfulness makes me frightened about applying for (or rather about getting) financial aid for next year. I got a lot of financial aid this year, but the more i hear people talk the more i realize how unusual that is. But "I am not worried, I am not overly concerned" (Counting Crows).

Britta says "Pay no attention to the woman behind the facade of calm."

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