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leaving for TBC soon

Magpie Girl says:
This is your friendly reminder that tomorrow is the Full Moon. It’s time to set aside an hour to gather your (and your magazines) and make a collage for the next month. This month’s moon is the Full Beaver Moon and symbolizes a time to acquire security and resources and solve your problems by doing what you instinctively know is good for you. What are you dreams, intentions, wishes, or hopes for the next moon cycle? Capture them in color and image and use your Soulcraft to guide and inspire you.
It was interesting Googling and seeing pictures of snowy trees, because the thing I have been thinking about most recently is responses to conflict, for which my instinctive imagery is fire-related.

Of course, the other thing at the forefront of my life is my need for a staycation, so maybe it's not so off-base after all.

And, of course, we're approaching Advent... (I am still thinking about Matthew 23:37-24:14 -- which Reflection I need to post -- and Molly's recent posts "The Bridge" and "We Have Only Moments.")


eponis asked:
With Thanksgiving around the corner, I have a very important question to ask you:

If you were a pie, what pie would you be, and why?

Think of the pies in the movie "Waitress," if you need inspiration. Ideally, your pie will be something that a) represents you, b) involves flavors you love, and c) would taste good as a whole, but you're welcome to do whatever you want. :-)
I'm more interested in what pie people think *I* would be, because I'm really not a foodie and so don't have an answer myself but enjoy other people's thoughts about me :) (Though of course you should feel free to share your own pie identity in the comments.)
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