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Apples to Apples: Bible Edition [Wed. Dec. 29, 2010]

I think Apples to Apples: Bible Edition is more fun for all involved if people don't retain total secrecy around their cards -- if you can say, "How is this related to the Bible?" or "What the heck does this pull-quote* mean?" and have the gathered community help you out.
* I learned the new-to-me phrase "flavor text" for the tidbits at the bottom of the red cards.

(We played the secrecy way, because that is how the game is played, and I resisted my temptation to argue otherwise. But having actually played the game through -- we didn't actually go through every single card in the deck, but we came close -- I feel even more strongly about my initial impulse.)

We also definitely need to edit the cards -- some cite "Revelations" instead of "Revelation," for example, and there is an actual wrong citation for "A Coat of Many Colors," for another example; plus a lot of the flavor texts are really unhelpful (and in other cases seem actively off-base). It's also irritating that there are repetitious cards -- e.g., "The Giant" AND "Goliath" ... and "Giants," though that at least is different) It is a fun game, though.

We had JUST enough seats for everyone (me, Ari, Julia, Roza and Chaz, Cate, Mike R., Keith and Gianna); any more and we would have had to migrate to the floor.


I won:
sticky - mildew
ordinary - rocks
fancy - Tower of Babel
faithful -
natural - war [from Judge Mike R., just after I'd noted he was wearing his "Team Cynic" bracelet]
cute - a lamb
difficult - prison
disgusting - Gomorrah
neat - dragons
fearful - Doubting Thomas
pretty - Esther
talented - calming a storm
favorite - rainbows (Ari)
bad - Rome
lazy - fasting
gigantic - Egypt

I awarded someone Sad for Crucifixion.
I got talked into awarding "Unforgettable" to "Calvary" over "The Creation of the World."

Mike awarded "Wicked" to "bricks" over "King Herod" (mostly 'cause it had made him laugh).

Julia awarded Keith "Silky" for "blood."

Ari won (I think this is an incomplete list):
lively - The Resurrection
happy - a Christian
tasty - The Last Supper
horrible - The Ten Plagues (me)
dull - divorce (me)
Tags: games, games: apples to apples: bible edition, parties: hosting

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