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[2010] year in review

I continue to support my "Resolutions" (for lack of a better term) of:
"Ask for what you want." // "When you have something you think should be said, say it."
"Get enough sleep. Srsly."

I would like to say that I did better at them in 2010 than I did in 2009, but it's hard to tell.

The beginning of March, this year, it occurred to me that my theme for this year might be "boundaries." Later in March, it occurred to me: Letting Go.

I feel like my year has been bracketed by traumatic experiences involving redacted persons -- though we'll see how the one at year end plays out.

I have various Intentions for 2011, but I'm hesitant to post about them, for a variety of reasons.

(Though I will say that I was totally intending to take a weeklong staycation after spring semester, and I didn't -- for reasons which I'm sure made a lot of sense at the time, though I can't remember them now -- and I regretted it, so I am determined to not repeat that mistake.)

In 2010, I:

* stopped seeing Jason
* stopped seeing Terry
* got hit on by a really attractive woman. whom I was Just Not That Into -- which I told her over email, after we'd gotten together a few times, because apparently I am still That Confrontation-Avoidant
* had another woman say she "really like[d me]" (and give me the out to say that the feeling wasn't mutual -- which out I gratefully took)

* had my best friend spend 4 days in the hospital
* went to 2 funerals (I felt like I went to Anariyah's mostly for Pr. Lisa, and Ginny H's mostly for my mom)
* visited my mom in the hospital multiple times after her surgery (including in the ICU) and Ava after hers once

* grieved the departure of Pastor Tiffany from CWM to be Dean of the Chapel at Syracuse University (last Sunday with us: February 14)
* grieved the departure of Pastor Laura Ruth from FCS to be pastor at Hope Central Church in JP (last Sunday with us: May 9)
- attended Laura Ruth's installation on the evening of Sunday, November 7

* experienced CWM's interim pastor: Nizzi
* experienced CWM's new pastoral appointment: Lisa F.
* experienced FCS's support pastor: Ian H.

* stopped attending CHPC (mid-March)

* did everything but Sunday morning at FCS
- went on retreat with them
- did weekly/weekday morning prayer
- did Lenten house-church-at-church
- often attended Laura Ruth's Thursday evening open office hours (though not Molly's continuing Wednesday morning office hours -- since I had other commitments)
- ... started doing Sunday mornings at FCS
- created a "lectionary" for weekday morning prayer for the Ordinary Time between Pentecost and Advent
- started attending Rooftop People
- assisted with Blue Christmas Longest Night A Service of Healing for the Shadow Side of the Season
- got invited to become an Associate Member at FCS
- got to attend the planning meeting for the Rest and Bread - re/new fusion experiment

* preached for the first time (Baptism of Jesus Sunday)
- in total: preached 3 sermons at CWM, gave 6 reflections at Rest and Bread, and wrote 10 additional unpreached sermons

* attended Saturday afternoon of New England Annual Conference (for the second year in a row)
* attended CWM Charge Conference (for the second year in a row)
* got invited to chair CWM Church Council

* didn't check in about SCBC Adult Ed when the fall started, because I was doing Sunday morning service at FCS and there would be a time conflict -- so I'm basically down to just the 2 churches ... which I feel remarkably okay about

* started more seriously (though still only intermittently) considering church membership

* started trying out therapy
- have cycled through 3 therapists thus far...

* started going to Art Night

* audited 2 Extension School classes Fall Semester (The Vampire in Literature and Film & Jesus and the Gospels)

* started participating in Hosanna! People's Seminary: Luke and Us
* joined Magpie Girl's Flock & took her Power Stories class

* went to the gym every workday (and 3 holidays, and 2 Saturdays)
- upped my cardio intensity, though has to reduce the length partway through the year; by year end, was doing a cardio routine of rotating treadmill programs at max 6.5mph/5.0incline, for 35min
- upped the weight of what I did in the strength training room, though partway through the year lowered the amount of reps I did of each; by year end, was doing 2 sets of 8 reps each of various machines and free weights

-- did two ~hourlong yoga sessions (at TBC)

* gave blood 5 times

* had 3 rounds of BFFCon
- in July, visited my brother and his fiancee (and sk8eeyore and her husband K-W) in St. Louis, was joined by la bff, drove back to KC with her and helped her move
- in November, attended her 25th birthday party
- in December, had her come visit me

* (co-)hosted parties:
- annual joint-birthday party with housemate
- Apples to Apple: Bible Edition
- New Year's Eve

* did a full day at Arisia
* went to TBC

* got invited to be a bridesmaid in my brother's wedding [he got engaged in February, 2010; the wedding is March, 2011]

* supported Recruiting again (sans My Favorite)
* helped organize a big event at work
* supported 2 sections of a brand-new EC course under someone who had never taught in the EC before
* had a faculty member get tenured
* got invited to apply for Programs Operations Manager at HBS' doctoral office (declined the opportunity)

* got hired to do some side work for FUH

* started working on a book about Christianity and mental illness (esp. depression)

* got to meatspace-meet cadenzamuse during Holy Week

* went to my 5-year college reunion

* had my first attempt to learn to ice-skate

* said goodbye to Greg (as a work colleague)

* wrote 1 piece of fanfic
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