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I usually have a theme for my year, but I don't plan it in advance (cf., New Year's Word).

However, Magpie Girl had posted an Epiphany: Follow Your Star guided meditation over on Flock [edit: non-member version available here], and this afternoon I opted to try it out.

A Guiding Star word didn't show up in my hands, which was unsurprising.

I really appreciated the physical sensation of the guided relaxation, and as I was reflecting on this I remembered having done yoga at TBC and how I had come away from that with a desire to include more yoga practice in my life (which I haven't followed through on, though I do have some Groupons I need to use) and also having intended to email Liz C. from CHPC (who teaches yoga -- which emailing I also hadn't done).

So I emailed her.

And I think possibly my Guiding Star Word is Reconnection. I've been doing processing about adjusting to the new realities of some relationships that are really important to me (feeling frustrated that I'm not getting what I want from them/what I used to get from them) and recently I've also been feeling frustrated/disconnected in general -- not feeling really fed and enlivened by any of the Stuff I'm doing, and not sure how to get that back.

And so I think the idea of Reconnection may be a really useful one for me -- reconnecting with that which nourishes me ... which means doing some internal reflection and processing, reconnecting with myself...
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