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"a prophet is not without honor..."

I "worked from home" today -- and I did do actual work. I was on email from 9-5 (okay, more like 9:15-5, but I also didn't take a dedicated lunch hour, so whatevs), and with tomorrow's speaker being snow-delayed, there was legit work to do. No biggie, and I felt appropriately snowday vibe-ful.

I woke up at like 6:43 and thought, "I'm not getting up yet." Until they sent out the Severe Weather alert yesterday, I was seriously planning to get up in the morning at my usual time, call Shad to see if they were open, and if so, go to the gym and then come home per Prof.B's "you can work from home if you want." But I feel confident that Shad personnel are not considered "essential," and I had spent the whole day planning on a snowday, so even though I totally would have gone to work in a blizzard otherwise, I was rocking the snowday mood. [And okay, today's snowday combined with having been up late last night, makes the idea of getting up at 5:30am tomorrow feel kinda bizarre right now.]

I woke up again at 9:12 and was like, "Oh, I should get up" -- 'cause since I'm working from home, I should be on email from 9-5.


I went to Rest and re/New tonight, duh.

Leaving ~5pm was the first time I'd actually left the house all day. The height of the fallen snow was seriously impressive. It had basically stopped falling by midday, though, so the streets were clear and much of the sidewalks were clear -- and there was almost no traffic (though I was pleasantly surprised to see that the MBTA busses were running), so walking in the street where the sidewalks weren't cleared didn't feel unsafe. [I brought almost nothing with me -- anticipating the travel to be much more challenging than it turned out to be -- and wished I had brought a camera when I passed a giant snow ~person outside of Tufts Park. Perhaps tomorrow morning. Edit: Tufts had plowed by 7am Thursday morning, so alas.]

Jeff, Julie, Tara, and myself showed up. AS DID Neil. AND Gary.

Quoth Gary: "The idea of canceling church for an Act of God..."

(The 12-step group that meets after us also totally showed up. I approve.)

I led Prayers of the People for the second week in a row and feel more comfortable doing it. (At Rest and Bread some weeks back, Ian H. asked me if I would do it and I said I would do it if necessary but it's the one part of the service -- other than leading music, of course -- which I really don't feel fits my gifts and graces. Apparently this is changing.)


From Ian H's email yesterday:
1. First, tomorrow we will be blessed with wet white stuff falling from the heavens: great for skiing,snow ball fights and snow angels; not so great for driving. I will not be at the church tomorrow and I will postpone Mr. Crepe office hours until next week.

2. If you live locally, and would like an opportunity for fellowship and exercise, then Jason Donnelly will be leading a special cardio and muscle toning program this Wed. and possibly Thursday, right outside the church. Taking advantage of the snow, you will benefit from this unique free-weight program, using the simple apparatus of shovels. A cool down component will take the form of casual-but-deliberate hand-arm swinging actions in the spreading of salt and sand. Please sign up for this valuable program - provided at no charge. Contact Jason ASAP via email ( <[redacted]>), if you are able to participate. (An added incidental benefit is that our sidewalks will be clear and we will be faithful and good stewards of the building of our church home.)
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