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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"care-giving careers"

I was getting ready for bed when I got a ::Flock:: Midweek Touch-Base: How are your intentions? email from Magpie Girl:
I love your plan to spend some time in the empty office, and to take lunch away from your desk. Care-giving careers can be so demanding. We really have to be brave and insistent to protect our self-care boundaries. BE A LIONESS! Protect what you need!
"Care-giving career"! Hee! <3

I meant to mention in my previous entry that I didn't carve out 30-minute blocks for sermon-writing today or yesterday, but I did still get a good chunk written today. I wasn't feeling in the right mood for the tone of this particular sermon, and I was reminding myself to just WRITE. I wasn't very good at following that reminder, but I know it's a really good one (that was part of the idea behind carving out lunchbreak time in FUH's empty office, after all), so I'm going to keep telling it to myself.


In other news, I chatted with Katie for like an hour after work yesterday, and after I got home I spent about two hours writing an email processing the stuff in that conversation re: my recent ~burnout and was planning to adjust it into an LJ post after I was done, but I worked through all of my emotion in the writing of the email and am good with just moving forward with the insights I gained from that, rather than synthesizing it all into bullet-points for posterity here. (inorite? who am i?)
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