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well that's reassuring...

La bff asked me if the cyclone had made landfall in Queensland yet. That Queensland was expecting more natural disaster was news to me, but I did a GoogleNews search. The first results:
Cyclone Yasi set to strike Queensland coastline
Irish Times - Pádraig Collins - 14 minutes ago
UP TO 30000 people were being evacuated last night as the Australian state of Queensland prepared for another natural disaster. ...

Video: Cyclone Yasi approaches Queensland NZ Herald

Queensland faces 24 hrs of terror - New Zealand Herald

Australia 'hasn't seen anything like Yasi'‎ - Ninemsn
The NZH article opens:
"The most serious cyclone you can have" is how Queensland Premier Anna Bligh is describing the storm set to ravage the north Queensland coast tonight.

"People in the region from Townsville to Port Douglas need to be psychologically prepared for an event that could last for a terrifying 24 hours", she said.

The storm threatening to wreak unprecedented havoc on north Queensland has now officially been upgraded to a Category Five cyclone - the most severe level imaginable.
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