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I have ALL of the excitement about this \o/

From: Marla
To: Samuel; Pr. Lisa; Elizabeth
Sent: Thu, February 10, 2011 10:33:11 AM
Subject: FYI: Disability Committee (NEUMC)

This went out in the weekly e-news from the Conference:
Stories Wanted!
We at Annual Conference are always looking to hear about how our conference is working to help reach out to more people as we Open Doors and Open Hearts in order to Open Minds.  One way we do this is by making ourselves more open to the disabled populations and their families and caregivers.  Recently, I heard on The Light (A Christian Radio Station in Vermont) on Jonnie and Friends that many disabled people do not attend church due to their disability.
Yet, churches are doing more to make themselves more open all the time and we don't hear about it because we tend not to advertise ourselves.  Not this year!  We are looking to hear from you about what you have done over the past two years in overcoming barriers to the disabled.  We would like to hear from you about your story. If you have pictures, please include them.  You may mail stories to Michael McShane at [email address redacted] or Bonnie Marden at [email address redacted]
Help Needed!
Do you have a background that can help people with disabilities?  Would you like to be a resource the Disability Committee can use?  We are looking for people not only to help with helping churches adapt to the physical structure but also think of what people with disabilities need.  We are not looking at membership unless you have an interest in it.  We are looking for the occassional helping hand.  If you are willing to do so please contact Michael McShane at [email address redacted].  Thank you very much for your interest.
Submitted by: Michael McShane
Tags: issues: disability, religion: christianity: methodism

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