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"Single? Separated? Partnered?: A Valentine's Blessing"

Magpie Girl sent an email today:
Subject: Single? Separated? Partnered?: A Valentine's Blessing

Hello Magpies,

Valentine's Day is like chocolate. It comes in both "sweet" and "bittersweet."

No matter what your Facebook profile says about your relationship status, I have a heart-full of love for you. I wish I could lay my hands on your head and breathe a blessing over you today. Instead, I offer you the words of my mouth, and meditation of my heart, in the form of these recorded blessings.

May they be a kiss on your forehead.

A Blessing for All The Single People
A Blessing for the Recently Separated
A Blessing for Those with Partners

I read the Blessing for the Single People first, and the invocation of "Saint Lucy" made me think of the Catie Curtis song "Saint Lucy" which is on my "every song has a you" mix, which made me think of the OTHER Catie Curtis song on that mix -- "The Trouble You Bring" ("I can't get myself to do a thing about / the trouble you bring").

From my notes when I first made the mix:
08. "Saint Lucy" - Catie Curtis
Oh, Saint Lucy
I can't find the place where I need to be
Oh, Saint Lucy
Lend your eyes, to me
[Yes, that last line is kind of creepy. I am choosing to think of the Creature in Pan's Labyrinth, which, okay, isn't necessarily any less creepy...]
10. "The Trouble You Bring" - Catie Curtis
You can say goodbye with an open heart
You'll always love her though it's not smart
You got everything you dreamt of
It doesn't mean you're never tempted
I can't get myself to do a thing about
the trouble you bring
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