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The Red Cross just called. Usually I hit the website before they call, but I hadn't realized I'm eligible to give again so soon (next Monday). (I got a mailing like a week ago and discarded it, thinking, "I just gave blood -- you must have gotten your wires crossed.") There's a blood drive at the fieldhouse one Friday afternoon, so I booked myself for the very first slot there (figuring they won't have had time to get very behind then).

I bought my brother and future sister-in-law a wedding gift. (Yes, the wedding is in 11 days -- the Sears registry website helpfully informs me.) I learned from my mom this weekend that they are also registered at Sears (I hadn't seen anything I really wanted to get them on their JCP registry, and didn't really wanna order from Amazon), so I looked there tonight and woo hoo.

At work today, I printed out the address labels for the addresses I'd dug up this weekend (yeah, I didn't input address info into the spreadsheet from the weekly collection sheets this past fiscal year) and bought postage stamps. Came home and stuffed envelopes. Charitable giving receipts will go out tomorrow.
Also added "taxes due" to my GoogleCalendar task list, because I realized I genuinely will forget otherwise.

I looked on craigslist, eBay, and IKEA for bookcases. Was not thrilled by the "must be secured to the wall with the enclosed anti-topple device." Housemate said hers are from Target (and are free-standing) and hey, she and a friend are doing a Target run this Friday -- which I can join, because the thing I was going to do that night got rescheduled.

My work computer is going to get upgraded to Windows 7. Having briefly used Prof.B's now-Windows7 computer, I am not excited about this. I am, however, excited about the fact that I can have the upgrade on one of the days I'm away (you can't use your computer for potentially the entire workday while they upgrade, which renders my coming in largely useless). I got an email today asking for my availability the week of May 9 and I asked if they could do it on March 18, 21, or 22. I figured if they were emailing me now about early May, that they were scheduling two months out and would be booked up for March, but I got a response saying March 18 was open. \o/

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