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[wedding] i shaved my legs for this

I thought about asking Jenny what she wanted, but ultimately I made the executive decision to shave my underarms and my legs (from the knees down -- the bridesmaid dresses were sleeveless and knee-length) the morning of the wedding.

I also wore sheer "suntan" pantyhose. I felt a little weird because all of the other bridesmaids were bare-legged, but they were also all wearing open-toed heels (which I have great difficulty wearing comfortably), and I think I probably would have been additionally uncomfortable in my heels if I hadn't worn anything between my skin and the shoes. It also meant I felt less self-conscious about any missed patches of hair showing, and/or either of the band-aids from where I'd cut myself shaving.

I went to the salon with folks the morning of the wedding and got hair and makeup done. The makeup woman gave me lipstick that went with my dress (Wisteria), which felt v. odd to me (I mean, I understand the logic, I just never wear makeup, so looking at myself in the mirror obviously wearing makeup was weird enough, then add to that my lips now a color that does not appear on human lips in nature). We also learned that under-eye makeup is a bad idea for me because I never wear makeup and so my eyes water, smudging the makeup.

Jenny's mom kept forgetting I hadn't had my hair done because it looked so good already. Wash-n-wear FTW \o/ The hairstylist said I had a great haircut (and great hair, but that one I get from every new stylist). She mostly just added some body to the cut. She gave me a solid bang, which was growing on me, but I knew it wasn't going to stay (my hair tends toward a center part) and I considered asking her to shellac it, but ultimately I just undid it (she had said I could just run my fingers through it and sweep it back, but as time went on that was working less and less), which I think was the right choice. Especially since the post-service outdoor wedding photos it was windy.

We took pictures in the park across the street from the church, where there is also a playground. The photographer did their engagement photos and thus knows them, so he correctly guessed that photos on the playground would be fun.
Craig: "You get the feeling that maybe we stand out a little bit?"
I now want to get fake-married for the pix of me and my friends in formalwear having a rocking good time on a playground.

There was a minimum of small talk at either of the receptions (or anywhere, really), and the aggressively obnoxious extended family I think stayed home.

I have no real desire to develop relationships with any of Jenny's family, but once I had literally charted it out, I understood Ari's point that my non-desire is normative -- that I'm expected to develop a relationship with my sibling's spouse, but it is only my sibling who is expected to devel0p relationship with that spouse's whole family.

At the wedding/reception, Ari wore a tux, complete with (purple) tie (which Drew, my groomsman, tied for her) and hair pulled pack -- and black stilletos :) She is femme, but playing with gender presentation can be fun. (All the other 2011 weddings, I have no obligation to be femme-dolled up, so we will inhabit our natural gender presentations there.)

[My mom's photos are already up on the Book of Face, so if we're friended there, you can see the pix -- complete with ALL the redeye; and I hope my bangs don't have that flyaway in all the official photos.]

I didn't find the reception music all that danceable (though my groomsman invited me to dance with him for the last slow dance, which was sweet of him), but I did enjoy the photo booth -- 3 b&w photos, 2 copies: one for you to keep, one to put in the ~scrapbook complete with silver pens to write a message for the newlyweds. Ari showed our pics to one of her coworkers, who responded: "So, are you two dating now?" And we didn't even do mock-kissyface! (Though we arrived at Friday night's rehearsal dinner separately, and after I'd gotten out of the van I called, "Hey, baby!" and barrelled up the sidewalk to glom her -- both of which actions she mirrored.)

The actual wedding service was only about 25 minutes -- which was what they wanted. (Ari's wedding, in contrast, will be a very Church wedding. I'm not sure about mine. Though it will probably be more church than this one.) There was lots of male pronouns for the Divine, but only a touch of heteronormativity, and nothing actively offensive. (What? It was LCMS. I had braced myself.) The rehearsal ran through a LOT of the service -- including all the vows -- so after the rehearsal I felt like, "Okay, you're married now." I think that is not what I will do for my wedding if I ever get married.


Sunday morning, Ari and I ended up eating breakfast with my parents (free continetenal breakfast at the hotel).

She and I were going to a local ELCA church and then driving (4 hours) to Kansas City.

My mom told me to point out all of the roadsite sights, like a good [my {dad's} surname]. We pointed out that we had done this drive before and basically there are a lot of billboards.

Next time I'm bringing a book of creeds for us to discuss or something, though, because we commented on literally almost every billboard this time 'round, and I think neither of us has very much desire to do that again.


I am now returned from the Midwest. Time to unpack and wind down so I can get up tomorrow for a full day of: morning prayer, workday, Rest and re/New, Lenten house-church-at-church.

I feel tired because it's past my bedtime, but I don't feel tired from my "vacation" itself, so hopefully that will bode well.
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