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At the gym this morning, after working out, I was changing out of my gym clothes and into a towel to shower ... and I felt like I was flaunting the fact that I had smooth underarms/legs; and I felt very weird, like this is not how my body is usually, there is something off here. I've talked before [e.g., here and here] about the fact that I prefer the look and feel of hairless skin on myself and others regardless of gender, but apparently I've internalized sufficiently that that is not how my body looks/feels. (I still want to get the hair on my face lasered, however; apparently that started growing in after I had at some level solidified my sense of who I am and how I experience my body -- or something.)


I'm not entirely caught up on my personal Internet, but I think I am mostly caught up on work Internet (and am acclimating to Windows 7).

In catching up on all that:
The St. Sebastian Review is an LGBTQ Christian literary magazine, founded to give voice to a community often disenfranchised and unheard.

We exist as a forum within and from which LGBTQ Christians of any denomination can engage both critically and compassionately the culture in which they find themselves.

We are purveyors of fine poetry, fiction, nonfiction essays, and visual art from among the LGBTQ Christian community and its allies.
The first issue just came out and is available (PDF) on the website.

And next week's Sacred Eros:
Sacred Eros: "Eros Outside the Box"
Monday, March 28th at 7:00pm in the Perkins Room
Arlington Street Church, 351 Boylston Street, Boston MA
Entrance next to Parish Cafe, meeting downstairs in Perkins Room

We all have ideas about sexuality and relationships, from convenient labels to assumptions about ethics and pleasure. How can we learn to think and look “outside the box” and embrace the full diversity about us. Come and join us in spiritual discussion, and bring food or drink to share.
Tags: church: boston: asc: sacred eros, got gender?, links, self: about me

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