Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

The world and i, we are in love.

I got Doug’s office hours from Ariana yesterday, and Blessed Be they occur during that MWF morning block of time which is my only free time between 9am and 5 pm except for lunch during the week. I was so afraid he wouldn’t remember me that i almost didn’t knock on his office door, but some other girl had to see him, too, so she knocked and it turned out he remembered me and i hung around while he dealt with her because i had plenty of time and then we chatted and he signed my form and oh i love him so much. “Unless there’s somewhere you really want to go,” don’t go JYA, he said. I adore hearing my decision to not go JYA validated. We talked about what classes i’m taking this semester and what English classes i’ve taken since he only knew the one i took with him. I told him about auditing Women Mystics and taking “five and a fraction” classes last semester (as my dad put it, since it was 5 and an audit) and about getting a C in Milton as a first-year and the only thing that got an eyebrow raise was the mention of the two English classes i took last semester. He was impressed by how far along i am in fulfilling the major and thinks it’s totally okay to take classes because i like the professors (Learning should be enjoyable, he says.) and it was just all good. I was so happy.

And then before work i went to drop off my form with my pre-major advisor so he could sign it, and it was snowing just a tiny bit and he was in his office so he signed it right then and i dropped it off at College Hall and i was just so happy.

Last night i was thinking that i’m really coming into my own. I’ve never been big with the social, but here i am with an LJ party and various other social plannings. I’m used to being very comfortable on my own, but not so much in social situations.

And i talk a lot in Michael’s class. Kinda weirds me out because i’m still not used to talking that much in class. I feel like Jessica last semester, only not quite so brilliant.

And have i mentioned how much i love Kim Lyons and Michael Thurston?

I love them for serious reasons, but the funny quotes are great, too. Yesterday Kim did some impromptu acting to demonstrate that actions (in this case, stabbing) are only bad in certain contexts.

[A man is attacking her niece.]
“I said, ‘Get your hands off her, you... rogue.’
And he said [laughing now], ‘I shan’t.’ ”

I will totally have the babies of anyone who uses the word “rogue.”

And the icing on the cake... i’ve been back here for 3 and a half weeks now (it feels like longer, in a good way) and Terry hasn’t called, but when i came home from work there was a message from him on my voicemail. I bounced!

And i had real food for dinner. When’s the last time that happened?

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