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I have thoughts about conversational styles, but attempts at articulating aren't quite working, and I'm tiring, so yeah, tabling that for the moment.


Some of you have heard me talk about Shoshana -- whom I met via okc a couple months ago.

On June 23, Sophia said:
if I were categorizing things according to my categories, I would say you guys are dating but not in a relationship. :-P Which I think can be a really good, healthy thing, the "I enjoy this person as a friend, and like flirting with them, and being just a little romantic with them, but a SRS RELATIONSHIP does not feel like the place this needs to progress to right now." Like friends with benefits in an emotional sense? :-P
We present in a lot of ways like we're dating, but up until recently I would have said (and did say) that I am not interested in her That Way (though she has a crush on me). And then there was the Monday holiday. Thursday morning, Scott's overall recommendation was that I needed to stop overthinking this (it is one of my mundane gifts -- to which Shoshana said, "It's not one of your superpowers?"). Thursday evening there was kissing. I'm not sure this actually changes the nature of our relationship to NOT "Sophia-dating" (as Shoshana deemed Sophia's paragraph above), but I figured keeping people up-to-date at least a little bit on relevant developments would be appropriate.

(And no, you can't meet her at Saturday's party, as unfortunately she has a pre-existing out-of-town commitment.)
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