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oh, ANTM

Apparently 8am Bravo is taking a break from Tabatha's Salon Takeover and we're back to America's Next Top Model. Petite cycle, which I was excited by. (14-person episode: "The Early Bird Gets a Makeover")

I was kinda squicked by the, "Let's do a version of a photo of you as a little kid," but I was listening to some other morning show segments during the beginning of that, so possibly it is less squicky than my instinctive read of it.

The outfits people were given in that challenge (as in various of the challenges I've seen in watching eps at the gym) varied so much in terms of how hard a model would have to work to actually get something good out of it, that I wonder what the behind-the-scenes decision-making process looks like when they're designing these shoots.

The super-white ballet dancer photo that made Tyra gasp (in a good way), my response was basically, "She looks like she's dead." Clearly I do not have a high fashion eye.

I was irritated at all the "you should work to look taller/longer" stuff. I know that's what the industry is looking for, but it pisses me off that people can't rock out how they actually look, rather than all creating illusions. (And yes I know there's lots of grey areas, like coloring your hair, how you cut and style your hair, hell shaving is "unnatural," but, grar...)

The mirror picture (sorry, I forget the model's name), when Tyra said she needed to look softer or whatever because she's so athletic and otherwise she'll look like an athlete who's taken a beautiful photo after having won an Olympic medal, I was literally like, "Fuck you, Tyra," 'cause if I looked an athlete who's taken a beautiful photo after having won an Olympic medal? rock the fuck on. Yes, I know, this is high fashion, not just, "look beautiful," but dude, while they say these shots are to sell clothes, so much high fashion stuff is stuff I have a hard time imagining anyone ever buying -- they're often interesting works of art, but...
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