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via jadasc on Twitter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oiLfTnrC40&feature=youtu.be

I sent it to my parents -- for the punning and also 'cause, marmosets.

My dad replied:
Tee hee. Unfortunately, they didn't have any of the beautiful orange-haired ones because they are technically tamarins. The two groups are so similar books usually cover them together: "marmosets and tamarins."
I forwarded this to a few people, saying:
My parents met when they were both working in a bookstore. My mom's a redhead, and practically the first thing my dad said to her was (excitedly), "You look like a golden-lion tamarin" (he then found a picture in a book to show her). I feel this story goes far in explaining how I came to be the person I am :)

I don't know if she still has it, but I have memories of my mom's stuffed animal that looks much like the mother monkey in this photo:
Apparently how I find this story self-explanatory is not intuitively obvious to everyone? Anyway.
Tags: family: my parents win, youtube

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