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[This was intended to be posted last night, but LJ was still having downtimes.]


I could go rock wall climbing in SF. (It was actually reading my office copy of Ask For It -- not having brought anything else to read on my lunchbreak -- that made me think to look into that.)

I bought a bike helmet after work. Is white and silver. (Possibly bike riding would be a possible workaround for some of the car-less in Santa Barbara issue? Now that we're through the Sunday in which I was running the show, I need to get back to vaca planning -- since I fly out 2 weeks from tomorrow [edit: I fly out on a Wednesday (Aug. 10) ... apparently which day of the week it is currently is a difficult ascertainment], and I really want to be able to be ON VACATION in SF and not still plotting parts of the rest of my vaca.)


Today I saw lots of women in short-sleeved shirts & knee-length skirts and decided that I think would be a really good look on me -- if I had tights that I felt looked okay over unshaven legs (I think I want the "paisley crochet" ones I've been seeing recently). Well, and I would also want to find shoes that are slightly less Doc Marten chunky but in which I can still walk comfortably for extended periods. And I'd also like a new cooler weather wardrobe while we're at it. So many of my clothes are fraying, and I don't feel excited about most of them, but finding clothes that actually fit well is such a challenge (and I don't esp. enjoy clothes shopping to begin with). I think trufax the biggest reason I would want to be independently wealthy (or have a Sugar Person) would be to get custom-made (I would probably even settle for just tailored) clothes.


H!PS conference call tonight. One of the women is moving to Cambridge (EDS student housing) -- yay! (I am mostly reminded of how much my housemate loved our radical Catholic anarchist houseguests -- though this is a different woman.)
Tags: bodies in motion: bicycle, clothes, gymming it up: rock wall climbing, h!ps, lj, travel: summer 2011: planning

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