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3 weeks vacation: go time

In case there are DDOS attacks again, I'm crossposting this.

San Francisco - vacation

Wed. Aug. 10
United Airlines #789, BOS-SFO
02:54pm - 06:16pm

Aug. 10-18
Hotel Whitcomb
1231 Market St, San Francisco 94103

[in Sacramento Fri. 8/12-Sat. 8/13, mid-day to mid-day]

Santa Barbara - wedding

Thurs Aug. 18
San Francisco to Santa Barbara (layover in LAX)
United, Flight 989
12:00 pm - 01:29 pm

United, Flight 6355
03:49 pm - 04:33 pm
Santa Ynez Valley Marriott
555 McMurray Road, Buellton, California 93427

Mon. Aug. 22
flight to Boston (layover in San Francisco)
United Airlines, Flight 6346
08:04pm - 09:20pm

United Airlines, Flight 733
11:01pm - 07:38am (next-day arrival)
Huron, Ohio - Sing a New Song

It's tagged rmn: convo: 2011: sans because in previous years the tagging has been "rmn: convo: [year]" but this year, RMN's Convocation and MFSA's [whatever their gathering is called] are coming together to form Sing A New Song.

Wed. Aug. 24
Continental 3078
1:57pm - 3:44pm

Event takes place at Sawmill Creek Resort. I'm staying a few miles off-site in a house with 15 of my closest friends other people.

Mon. Aug. 29
Continental 1630
3:25pm - 5:08pm

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