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I've only been here ~24 hours?

[I think the wifi being slow is largely a load issue. It was totally fine at like 2:30 this afternoon -- which given that check-in is at 3, is probably one of the lowest load times.]

Housekeeping knocked at 8:34 this morning. I was already up, but wow.

I had brunch in Berkeley with musamea, which was lovely. (thelastgoodname, every time I saw someone in a Cal shirt I thought of you.)

Taking the BART in from the airport yesterday, I was reminded that San Francisco isn't objectively all that pretty necessarily -- I feel like San Francisco gets held up as this idyllic place ('cause of the weather and the politics and all), and it's not like I dislike SF, but I am reminded that it's not entirely an idyll. (Walking around tonight especially, I was also reminded of how many homeless people there are just out on the streets -- not even asking for money a lot of the time, which is what really struck me in contrast to e.g. Harvard Square.) But UC Berkeley and immediately surrounding area is lovely.

I headed back "home" soon after musamea and I parted, in part because I was feeling tired. (I'm blaming the caffeine in Midol for the fact that I didn't fall asleep for ages last night. idek what to say about the fact that I still woke up at 7am, except that maybe I'm wired to the sun or something.)

The Citadel's "Girl on Girl" workshop got canceled on account of low turnout :(

Walking around afterward, I saw there's a Quaker Meeting House and there was a 7pm Thursday night Study :( (Sadface because I totally could have gone and would have if I'd known. The workshop was at 8, so at this point it was like 8:30.)

I finally walked down to Powell. (When I was here for work, I'd walked from our hotel near Powell, through the Tenderloin, to UN Plaza, which is near my current hotel.) The area my hotel is in is fairly standard, but wow, you walk not very far on Market Street and it's all Check Cashing places [edit: okay, so there is actually one across the street from my hotel -- but I don't feel like the theme dominates the area quite so much ... though maybe I'm wrong?] and such. (And yes, TWO strip clubs.) And then there's this explosion of department stores when you hit Powell -- which I don't remember there being quite so much of last time I was here. I successfully, by memory, found the hotel we'd stayed at -- between Ellis and O'Farrell on Fifth Mason. I wandered around and found the smoothie place I'd enjoyed, which is papered over and the space is for rent :(

There's a hostel right nearby [the hotel I stayed in for work], and looking it up online, they actually have single bed rooms -- for a third of the price I'm paying here. I stayed in hostels no problem in Europe, but given how much time I'm spending at the hotel (instead of out doing stuff), I'm glad to have a quieter place to retire to.
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