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[H!PS] "Fully Broken, Fully Healed: Building Accessible Justice Movements and Communities" (2011-12)

Rowan (of faith-sharing) shared a facebook link for Registration for Hosanna! People's Seminary 2011-12 Programming.

How excited am I about "Fully Broken, Fully Healed: Building Accessible Justice Movements and Communities"? Because I was part of Luke and Us last year, I just transitioned into the next season's women's preaching circle. I'm a bit disappoint that the H!PS organizers didn't keep us more abreast of what other programming H!PS was doing, in case some of us were particularly drawn to something new over and above the new season's iteration of what we'd been doing before. Though yes, part of that onus is on me -- if it's not on my LJ/facebook/Twitter feed (or my GoogleReader) or one of the email lists I'm on, I'm likely not gonna be aware of it; I'm just not good at checking back at websites/message boards.

The new website (which, erm, I'm not sure how Accessible it is) says:
Fully Broken, Fully Healed:
Building Accessible Justice Movements and Communities
Meeting: Third Thursdays, 8-9PM EST

What are the barriers to building accessible justice movements and intentional communities for each of us, regardless of ability? What would awareness, accountability, and solidarity look like between people living with disabilities and allies? We're determined to find out!

We're pleased to announce the formation of a new Steering Committee, Fully Broken, Fully Healed: Building Accessible Justice Movements and Communities. Gathering monthly for one hour meetings by video conference from September 2011- May 2012, members will meditate on liberating theologies for people living with disabilities, gain exposure to the history and legal context of access in faith and justice communities, witness/share personal testimonies, and contribute their own insights to the H!PS leadership team to the development of a new H!PS program (slated for 2012-2013) to address these issues.

No previous experience necessary in the area of disability rights however there are limited slots open for participants. We hope to have good representation among people living with disabilities and allies. In fact, we won't move forward without it! Please write us by August 31st to let us know of your interest in joining us- registration and a brief tech training is required!
Tags: h!ps, issues: disability

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