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[San Francisco] last 3 days

Mon. Aug. 15

I found my camera this morning. Felt kind of silly as it was in the bag I've been going around town with.

I did one of the doubledecker bus tours.

I was amused that they repeatedly mentioned Market Street as being one of the main thoroughfares, since of course the tour spent nearly zero time actually on Market Street, on account of it is not so attractive.

I felt like the tour was mostly helpful in helping me get a better sense of how the pieces of downtown SF connect to each other. I didn't feel like I actually learned a whole lot new. Though I did learn a few pieces of trivia. Like some building that used to be a church was the first place to have a rooftop bar -- the bar was more than 100 feet away from the church, so it passed city regulations *g*

Predicted high was 67F, so I tried to be outside a lot to take advantage.

At Fisherman's Wharf, there was a King of Thai Noodle, but apparently it wasn't open yet, so I didn't eat there.
I sat on the beach by Ghirardelli Square for a time -- watched seagulls and swimmers and an acrobatic guy and a busker. [In my head there are hyperlinks, but I couldn't find my camera cord in my last-minute packing, so that'll have to wait.]

I went to City Lights Bookstore (mostly becaue multiple people had told me to). *shrug* I spent most of my time in the Queer Studies/Women's Studies section, to no one's surprise. I didn't see a Religion section, though I didn't scour the whole place. It's a nice place, but it didn't feel to me like breathtakingly radical or anything.

Near the end of my wandering through Chinatown, my camera nudged me to replace the batteries. Yeah, I had somehow neglected to pack batteries. (I hit up a Walgreens on the way home.)

I went to Grace Cathedral again, and realized that I could actually go inside on account of what time it was. I walked the indoor labyrinth -- which is basically identical to the outdoor labyrinth. I took my shoes off, as encouraged by the sign, which did make for a nice experience -- though I felt even more spectacle (with bonus "in the way") than I did when I was outside. And afterward did look at all the art and stuff -- and lit a prayer candle.

I checked out the place on Taylor and Bush that I'd seen when I was coming down from Grace Chapel last time which listed "smoothies" on its awning. I was unimpressed by their offerings, so I took a pass.

I visited the thrift store on Market Street (between Powell and Civic/UN) I kept passing after hours. *shrug* I might have tried on pants if I wasn't already tired and loaded down with carrying stuff.

I got back to the hotel around 4:45.
And realized I had gotten sunburned.
Ironically(?), I almost brought sunscreen and/or skin lotion, but I decided I didn't need to.
The hotel does provide "Hydrating Skin Lotion," which I availed myself of.

Passenger Alert: Protests may disrupt BART service Mon., Aug. 15

Please be advised that protesters may attempt to disrupt BART service during the afternoon commute period on Mon., Aug. 15 in downtown San Francisco BART stations.
Mara and I were gonna meet in the Mission at 6:30 Monday night. 5:45 she texted me: "hey, i just head that powell station is closed due to civil disturbance and that civic is only open for exiting--are you ok?"

At like 6:15, Powell, Civic/UN, and Montgomery were all shut down. I got a taxi, but by the time it showed up at 6:30 (like 5 minutes after I'd ordered one), BART was open again, so I opted for that. (I feel bad for not having given the driver even like a dollar for his trouble.)

We went to GoodVibes and spent a LOT of time browsing the porn.

We walked around the Mission a bit. Photoed some murals (though my camera was being uncooperative).

We had dinner at Herbivore. (The initial plan had been Indian, but I'd had Indian for lunch -- in my wanderings had encountered -- and had hiut my quota for the day.)
Smaller amount of food than I was expecting for the price -- more high-class place than I was used to.
We got ice cream at Xanth. (Mara said that supposedly the best ice cream in the city is Bi-Rite, but she's never been there when there hasn't been a line, so she doesn't know, and she thinks Xanth is pretty great.)
I got 1 scoop/2 flavors: Saffron and Brown Sugar Banana

Tues. Aug. 16

On Mara's recommendation, I went back to the Mission, starting with breakfast at Boogaloos. I was less excited about the menu when I sat down to actually order than I had been when I was looking at the same menu outside the night before. *shrug* I got there around 10, at which time there were open tables. By the time I left, there was a line.

I hung out in Dolores Park for a while.

I checked out the Women's Building -- and yes, the exterior murals are definitely worth checking out.

There was basically no line at Bi-Rite Creamery (I hadn't gone looking for it, but there it was on my way from Dolores Park to the Women's Building), so I got ice cream there. (I tried the Honey Lavender and yeah, Lavender. I opted for the Malted Vanilla w/ Peanut Brittle and Milk Chocolate Pieces)

I went to Dog Eared Books. Which I liked better than City Lights -- though I didn't see any Queer Studies/Women's Studies sections. It had the .

I ended up walking along Mission a bunch and was struck by how much more low-rent it is than Valencia (where I realized Mara and I had spent most of our time). Unlike Market Street, which is full of Check Cashing kind of places, Mission is full of dollar stores and the like.

I almost bought some shirts at Goodwill. I also checked out Mission Thrift -- which has lots of costumey stuff -- and a couple other discount clothing/shoe places.

I had planned going out to Haight-Ashbury and Green Apple Books, but as I said, I opted not to.

After I returned to the hotel, I got a Jamba Juice (banana berry) at Westfield Centre.

I took the F streetcar up to Fisherman's Wharf. Which was noisy (open windows) and stopped like every 2 blocks, so it took like 45 minutes -- though I was still glad to have not walked all the way up and down the hill to get from my hotel to Fisherman's Wharf. I got chatted up by some guy from the Castro. Who commented that he'd seen the clouds coming in -- and indeed, it was cloudy and cool and windy as I sat by the beach on the phone with Shoshana.

I had dinner at King of Thai Noodles, which was open after all.
Got a bowl of Vegetarian Tom Kha, which was so yum.

Was gonna walk back on Leavenworth and walk up Lombard and then take Larkin the rest of the way back.

Instead I ended up walking up Francisco -- got some nice views as the clouds were coming in. As I walked down Hyde, I saw Lombard from the top, and I don't feel bad about skipping walking up (or down) the crookedest street in San Francisco.

I walked down Hyde the rest of the way home. Saw my first Massage place that I was absolutely certain was legit (was attached to a yoga place, had a shiny sandwichboard).

Wed. Aug. 17

I'd been going to bed between about 10 and 11 and getting up around 8. Tuesday night I went to bed around 9:30, woke up around 4:30, and got up around 9:30.

Ananda Fuara didn't open until 11, so I puttered on the Internet. Sleep for 12 hours and the Internet doesn't provide a whole lot new. (Though Maureen Johnson did have #suspicioussoundingnetworkname [after this article])

San Francisco Public Library was having an outdoor booksale, which I browsed briefly. The books didn't appear to really be organized :/

I went to the Asian Art Museum -- and spent an hour and a half at the Bali exhibit. Starting with some shadow puppets demo, then reading basically all the labels and watching all the videos in the 3 rooms.

I had a tired and a hungry, so I went back to my hotel room to sit for a bit and eat some granola bars and leftovers. I went back and had another hour and a half until the museum closed. When after an hour I was only at "The Himalayas and the Tibetan Buddhist World" (12/31), I kinda blew through China because I figured I'd seen more Chinese and Japanese art [in my lifetime thus far] than I had Korean art -- except the Korean section is closed for a new installation. The detour/s were not very intuitive (or all that well-signed), but I did end up in the "Betty Bogart Contemplative Alcove," which had some of my favorite pieces (modern pieces, ironically enough), and I saw a few of the Japanese rooms before closing time.

Early in the museum, there were Buddha statues that looked familiar to me (e.g., like stuff I had seen at the MFA), and so I looked at the info tags. Thailand, and Cambodia. I realized I'd never looked at where the MFA's Asian art is from.

Picked up la bff at SFO.

In deciding on dinner (and battling the hotel wifi), Pasta Moto beat out Rocco's.
Because it was in the mall Westfield Centre food emporium, we had an abundance of options actually.
I got Loving Hut; Ari got Amoura.
(I thought I'd seen Loving Hut before and decided it was too far away, and I think I'd seen the one on Stockton.)
There were like 3 nuggets and a plate of sweet potato fries :/ It was fine, though.
Double Rainbow (up Powell) was closed, so we went to Pinecrest Diner -- which was far less dodgy than I'd expected. I got a banana split, and she got a hot fudge sundae.
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