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Remind me why I'm not supposed to like Sady Doyle?

So, my introduction to Alyssa Bereznak/Jon Finkel thing was Sady's Tiger Beatdown piece.

I feel like I remember reading stuff about Sady being problematic, but I can't remember or find them now. So my Subject Line question is a genuine one. Though, okay, it would probably be more accurately phrased as, "Remind me why I am advised to be cautious with Sady?" since yes, I know that people's fail does not totally negate their humanity or anything.

I delicious'ed a bunch of Thirteenth Child stuff yesterday for easy linking when I GR reviewed Dealing With Dragons, and I continue to be reminded that delicious'ing EVERYTHING is a good idea, because I will find myself hours to years later looking for something I remember reading and can't find again.

And speaking of problematic people leaving a bad aftertaste, this UCC "devotional" has been going around since it came out yesterday, and now I'm disinclined to read the author's co-authored book This Odd and Wondrous Calling: the Public and Private Lives of Two Ministers. There are valid critiques of the "spiritual but not religious" zeitgeist, and the author even makes some of them, but the way she goes about it is all wrong for the "devotional" format, and I experience her as meaner-than-me-who-is-too-mean-to-be-a-pastor. Edit: Julia linked to this response to the "devotional."
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