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I didn't end up renting a bike at SANS, which was fine, but doing the walk back and forth from the conference center to the house (or the pizza place) in the limited time we had for lunch breaks, I grew sympathetic to Marla's assertion that walking places felt so inefficiently slow in comparison to biking (she bikes everywhere, so that's her norm, whereas walking is mine).

And after the conference I was thinking about going rock wall climbing again and how the bus stops running mid-evening and I'm not gonna walk 7.2 miles home [from here] and so I need to pay for a taxi or phone-a-friend but hey, if I had a bicycle...

I am also telling myself to refuse to be one of those people who rides their bicycle on the sidewalk (even though riding in Boston traffic scares me -- maybe this'll help me be less frightened when I finally learn to drive?).

[Edit in case context is necessary: I know how to ride a bicycle, and even bought a helmet before SANS, but I haven't owned one in about a decade.]
Tags: bodies in motion: bicycle, rmn: convo: 2011: sans

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