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In the SANS program book, Iliff (where Laci went) had taken out a full-page ad. Their offering of online courses caught my eye.

2011-2012 course listings begin on page 78 of this PDF (or you can read the smaller PDF that is the Masters Course List here). They won my affection early on with
BT 3441 Disability & Difference: Theological & Ethical Perspectives
4 credits

This course will introduce disability studies as a lens for theology and ethics, and will consider options for theory and praxis that are authentic to the full diversity of human embodiment.
I keep saying that if I do div school, I'm doing EDS because I wanna take basically all their classes except I would do Methodist polity at BU STH, but Iliff is inspiring similar feelings and they have "Denominational History, Polity and Doctrine" UMC classes.

(I also learned that Deborah Creamer attends a United Methodist church.)

I still don't want to pursue ordination, though. (And yes, I know I could do div school/seminary without being ordination track.)

At least 3-5 people I know from the Internet are considering a path to ordination. I have mixed feelings about this.
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