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bicycling and swimming (continued)

Last Friday (as in, just over a week ago), I bicycled home in the ~rain.
On Oxford Street I saw some kids in an umbrella fort (various clear plastic umbrellas arranged under a tree in a front lawn, with kids inside). I probably would have pulled over and taken a picture if I'd had my camera with me. I also gave increased thought to avoiding the Somerville Ave. merge.
My glasses were easier to see through than they are when I'm walking in the rain (because of the wind?) -- though I acquired a fine layer of grit on my bike, helmet, part of my backpack, and the back of my neck.
I put a load of laundry in, laid down, up an hour later, ate some food, switched laundry, and went back to bed -- and then got up before my 8am alarm
I didn't go to H!PS-Eda's ~housewarming, in part because of the rain, but mostly because of the tired. I felt much more recovered from Being Sick after ~12 hours of sleep.


... And the perils of not writing things up at the time mean I have basically nothing to say about swimming lessons the next day.

I'd written, "I still can't breathe underwater, but"

IIRC, we did a bunch of strokes and etc. which I could at least start learning with my head above water.


On the way back, I stopped at Wheelworks because the gears were acting up.


I bicycled to and from morning church on Sunday. And the whole week -- except Thursday. I was planning to, because I wasn't going to Art Night, but weather.com was predicting at times "severe" thunderstorms, and there was an 80-90% chance of thunderstorms from 4-6pm, so I told myself it would be a good idea to not. I regretted it minutes after leaving my house in the morning -- reminding myself that I could change back into my gym clothes after work, for example. (And then it barely rained until after I'd gotten home. Sadface. I did get to commute home with newest-coworker!Jen, though, which was nice.)

After work on Tuesday, I stopped at Bicycle Boom to get a rear reflector so I can ride after dark. Except, I realized already have a rear reflector. I remain undecided about whether I want to buy actual lights (and also fenders, and reflective garb).


Swimming lessons yesterday. We did a bunch of freestyle practice. I can put my face underwater or do strokes but not really both at the same time. I was really pleased that I did at times push myself through the water with my face under the water, exhaling. Yay for finally getting comfortable with that.

Next weekend, I'll be out of town, so no swimming lessons for me (though hey, the hotel has a swimming pool; I could actually utilize it).

Parts of Davis Square were closed off yesterday, so I got shunted to Mass Ave. heading to swimming lessons. I could have switched at Porter, but I opted to just stay, and it was fine. I'm not sure how much of that was Saturday morning traffic (i.e., not much traffic) and how much of it was genuinely that I've gotten sort of acclimated.
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