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Shoshana hosted Silly Games Night at her house last night.  While I was there, my housemate texted me on her way to check out the Honk! Festival.  Shoshana was kind of horrified that I hadn't invited my housemate to the party.  Oops :/

People were playing Dixit when I got there.  Despite it being billed to me as "like Apples to Apples," I was really hesitant.  (I tend to expect that I will hate new things, apparently.)  Actually experiencing the game, though, it grew on me.  The story I told was, "The patriarchy is evil."  :D

We played a fairly short round (we played until Kirby someone won 5 green cards) of Apples to Apples: Bible Edition.  I was Charming (missionaries) and Smelly (The Ark).

We finished with playing Once Upon A Time -- which I'd first encountered on vacation this year but had never played.  Again, with the not sure I'd like it and it then growing on me (though actually participating isn't one of my strengths).  Also, it continues to be true that trying to explain games before playing them, the games tend to sound so much more complicated than they actually feel when playing them.
Tags: games, games: apples to apples: bible edition, parties: attending

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