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bikeways & open mics

Last night, Carrie Cheron was the Featured Performer at Jam'n Java's Open Mic (in Arlington).

I'd never been there and GoogleMapped a bicycle route from work. (Sidebar: Which offers me some interesting routes to -- I imagine -- minimize time on major roadways ... though taking a left off of JFK Street is basically never fun, so it is perhaps inappropriate for me to be critical of it taking me a backway through the park -- though crossing Mem. Drive diagonally basically requires acting like a pedestrian, which I'm not thrilled about.)

I made the mistake of not examining the map closely, so I come off of Vassal Lane, turn right onto Fresh Pond Parkway, and find myself at a rotary which didn't seem to be marked with any actual street signs. I made an educated guess as to which direction to go in (comforting myself that there were only 2 options coming out of the rotary, so worst case I could just turn around and take the other one) and eventually Alewife Station showed up on my left, proving that I was correct.

The printed out directions were:
21. Slight left onto Vassal Ln
36 ft

22. Slight right
299 ft

23. Turn right
0.2 mi

24. Turn right
72 ft

25. Turn left toward Cambridgepark Dr
0.4 mi

26. Continue straight
423 ft

27. Turn left toward Cambridgepark Dr
95 ft

28. Turn right toward Cambridgepark Dr
358 ft

29. Turn left onto Cambridgepark Dr
226 ft

30. Turn right onto Alewife Station Access Rd
0.2 mi
Looking at the map now, apparently I was to cross Fresh Pond Parkway and travel some sort of bikepath on the left of the road and then (steps 24/25) cross the street between two rotaries. *eyeroll* I prefer my method (and I did successfully locate+use the bikepath on the righthand side of the road).

Figuring out how to get on and stay on the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway (the next 2 direction items) was more obscure than I was expecting given that I kept seeing signs for the bikepath. I navigated correctly the entire time, though (I think) \o/

I continue to be un-thrilled that (commuter) bicycling is not conducive to observing one's surroundings in a scenic way, but I did note that Spy Pond is v. pretty. And then there was a playground -- which reminded me of my plans for a fake-wedding formal wear photoshoot.
I was telling C. about this when we were walking along the pond after the Open Mic (note to self: the bike path is not v. well-lit) and he talked about wedding DJing and now I'm considering a post-photoshoot reception (though that would involve lots more logistics and possibly money -- though I suppose I could maybe get Duhamel Hall, oh or the v. pretty HEUMC Vestry, for free/cheap), which may have to include "Lady in Red" and the techno remix of "Kiss the Girl."


The Open Mic itself was Not Good. It was scheduled to start at 6:30 and started about 10 minutes late and the mic kept being not very strong (as in volume) and the performers were fairly "meh" (and their first-ever stand-up comedy act was So Bad). CC was scheduled for ~7 and then ~7 they said "twenty minutes" and she actually went on shortly before 8; and I'd been expecting an ~hour and she played for a half an hour. But she was enjoyable, and C. liked her. And then we bailed rather than stay for more Open Mic.

And, okay, apparently I used up all my Having a Sense of Direction because when I was leaving I had a vague recollection that there's somewhere I turn left to get home, but I didn't really remember and didn't wanna get lost, so I just took Mass. Ave. to Davis and then doubled-back. (I did pass a sign for 16 to Medford, but Alewife Brook Parkway = Do Not Want.)
Tags: !wedding formalwear photoshoot, actually having a sense of direction, bodies in motion: bicycle, carrie cheron, music: concerts

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