Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

how is autumn?! *g*

Jean A. was pleased that her trees were all still standing. I sleep through ALL the thunderstorms :( I had seen on my bedroom window screen this morning that there were flecks of leaves or something, indicating it had been substantively windy overnight (and it occurs to me now, I did wake up around 3am to the door behind my bed swinging), but I had no idea there had been any actual storms.

When I left my house, it felt cool enough that I could have worn more than a t-shirt and shorts (gym clothes! what?). Bicycling down College Ave. to Boston Ave., there was mist (weird feeling: being confident that no rain is actually falling, but still having the rain-on-your-face experience on account of you are moving quickly through the moisture). I stopped by Porter Square Shaw's on the way in to work to get more pumpkin spice bagels.

I went to Trader Joe's on my lunch break to get more almond butter and lo, it was sunny (and even felt warm, tho the online weather informs me it was only 66F).

My Trader Joe's field trip was ~1:05-1:45. ~2:05 I went to Spangler to get some lunch. It had clouded over a bit and there was rain on the ground. Apparently it had downpoured for a moment when I wasn't paying attention.


Riding along the River, I was reminded of lunchtime phonecalls I've had walking along the River.

I keep accumulating Things occupying my off-work time (while still trying to retain a commitment to Getting Enough Sleep), but I also miss People. So hey, lunchtime phonecalls! Which I recognize won't work for everyone who might wanna phonecall with me (Sunday afternoons are also open), but hey, it's something.


In other news, I'll be in Atlanta Nov. 9-13 (and Chapel Hill/Effland Oct. 7-10) if anyone wants to field trip to visit me.
Tags: bodies in motion: bicycle, i miss people, travel: plans, weather: beautiful

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