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[swimming] fin-ish

I spent about 20min in the hotel pool last Saturday. I've gotten used to Blodgett with its Olympic-sized-ness and lane markers. I wasn't quite sure how to handle a hotel-sized pool.

I practiced exhaling and letting myself sink to sit down at the bottom of the pool.
I practiced propelling myself through the water, putting my face in the water and exhaling through my nose and then bringing my face up and inhaling through my mouth.
I practiced backstroke (except without actual armstrokes, mostly).


Shoshana thinks my swim class is Fail because it didn't teach me to stay afloat with a minimum of effort for 5 minutes. She is not necessarily wrong in this, but I feel like that would have taken me 6 weeks to learn, and I'd rather use the time I have with an instructor (which I am paying for) to get beginning instruction on a whole assortment of things I can practice on my own time.


We were in a 5ft lane today, and I feel like we must have been a slightly shallower lane in previous weeks because I definitely had a panicky feeling at not being able to stand up and have my head above water (after some time I did figure out that I could stand on tiptoes and be okay)

My shoulders got really tired partway through class, I suspect because I had my face above water for everything. I could definitely feel that it would be easier to keep my hips etc. near the surface of the water if I had my face in the water, but I didn't trust myself to be able to coordinate breathing and also work on strokes at the same time.


Due to being away last weekend, I still haven't experienced the MAC. At some point, I'll investigate further how I would go about getting access to either of the Harvard pools.


In other news, there were yellow leaves on the ground (and on the trees). We're getting at least a little autumn.
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